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Who We Are

Grower Owned, Craft Beer Focused

In recent years, the craft brewing industry has emerged as the driving force for innovation in beer worldwide. Reliable access to new styles of high quality specialty malts and hops has enabled brewers to continue to develop and perfect a wide array of intriguing beer styles. We value the distinct characteristics of craft brewing and are proud to support the industry’s continued success in brewing quality, unique beers.

As the only grower owned supplier in the craft industry, Hopunion is increasingly focused on helping brewers source and manage their supply of hops by working directly with our grower-owners to manage acreage and harvest quality. We know quality begins in the field and are dedicated to providing sustainable returns to our growers to facilitate continuous innovation and improvement in the industry. This includes the development of new hop varieties based on brewer needs and industry trends, and improved reliability from year to year. Craft brewers have changed the hop industry as we know it, however, we understand the complicated dynamics of the competitive and supply-scarce world and are thrilled to be working with both brewers and growers alike to enable everyone’s mutual success for many years to come.

Through contracting and selection, Hopunion is committed to helping build relationships between brewers and hop farmers. Our knowledgeable staff assists brewers with advanced planning, actively communicates needs, and then manages the processing and storage of hops. This transparent communication system ensures each customer’s hops are being handled under ideal circumstances and allows you, the brewer, to know exactly what you’re putting in your kettle or fermenter.

In everything we do, Hopunion is committed to quality and committed to craft. Our rich, hop farming heritage provides an invaluable foundation of knowledge for our products, however, the desire of our staff to continuously improve is what truly sets us apart. Craft brewing is the cornerstone of our business and reliably providing brewers with the widest selection of premium quality hops is what we strive to do.