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Our History

From Europe to the United States
Unrivaled in experience, our rich tradition of quality and excellence dates back to 1809, through our parent company, Hopunion Raiser, Scharrer KG, Nuremberg Germany. During the 1800 and 1900s, Hopunion Raiser, Scharrer KG, was a major component of the European hop industry. In the late 1970s, Hopunion Raiser realized new opportunities in the United States and established operations in Sunnyside, WA under the name Sunny Hops. In 1986, Sunny Hops purchased the Western Hop Company and became Hopunion USA, Inc.

Craft Brewing Becomes a Phenomenon
As the 1980s emerged, craft brewing became a phenomenon and artisan brewers throughout the country began to establish small brewing operations with the simple mission of brewing innovative, quality beers. As a result, the micro industry began to experience exponential growth. Despite the fact that the craft industry was growing at unprecedented rates, most hop dealers did not care to accommodate the needs of small micro breweries. Hopunion, however, recognized the importance of quality craft beer and dedicated itself to supporting the growth of the industry by offering a vast array of premium hop varieties and increased services to fulfill the ever-evolving microbrewer’s tastes. In just three years, Hopunion USA’s craft brewing division grew from approximately 30 brewers to more than 400. That number has continued to expand to more than 2,000 breweries today.

An Independent, Grower Owned Company
In 2000, Hopunion experienced more change as Joh. Barth & Sohn purchased Hopunion Raiser and merged the worldwide operations of both companies. This purchase prompted some of the industry’s most dedicated and experienced hop growers to form a company specifically designed to meet the craft brewing industry’s needs. In 2001, Joh. Barth & Sohn agreed to sell their newly acquired craft division to these growers, marking the formation of Hopunion CBS LLC, an independent, grower owned, craft beer focused entity. Since 2001, Hopunion has flourished as one of the leading hop suppliers for the craft beer industry. Hopunion's success and craft focus was further bolstered by a merger with Yakima Chief Inc. of Sunnyside, WA in 2006. This merger dictates that Yakima Chief Inc. focus solely on international and macro brewing while Hopunion LLC remain 100% dedicated to the craft brewing community.

Hopunion Today
Today, Hopunion LLC remains completely devoted to supporting craft brewers through selection and quality. We consider craft brewing to be one of the most innovative industries in the world, and are continuously awed by the originality of the brewers we meet. We are encouraged by the unprecedented growth that microbrewers have experienced over the past few years, and continue to dedicate ourselves to providing valuable solutions for craft's current and future needs. With integrity, respect, honesty, quality and innovation in mind, our mission is to promote your success by providing premium quality hops with uncompromising service.