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A Hop For Every Flavor and Style

Offering Craft and Home Brewers More Than 120 Varieties from Around the World

Since the beginning, craft brewing has been defined by the creativity and ingenuity of its brewers. From new styles to bold flavor profiles, there is an underlying need to continuously explore how the art of craft brewing can be expanded and developed. At Hopunion, we recognize a beer is only as good as its ingredients. That is why we strive to provide both craft and home brewers with one of the largest selections of premium quality hop varieties available. Whether you are looking or a traditional noble variety or a newly developed, highly flavorful aroma offering, there is a hop variety for you. To learn more about each variety, we invite you to click on the individual links below or visit our aroma finder to find what hop best suits your brewing needs.

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Experimental Hops

Exp - HBC 291

Exp - HBC 342