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Author: Short's Brewing Company

Pretty Nicie, Pretty Spicie (Wheat Ale with Spices and Citrus)

Ingredients for 5 U.S. gallons
6.0 lbs 2-Row Pale Malt
6.0 lbs Wheat Malt
2.0 oz Fuggle Hops
4.0 oz Coriander
1.0 oz White Peppercorn
1.0 oz Green Peppercorn
1.0 oz Pink Peppercorn
1.0 oz Black Peppercorn
2.0 oz Orange Zest
2.0 oz Lemon Zest
Yeast: Any American Ale Yeast (13.5 million cells/mL)

Brewing Values:
Original Gravity (Plato): 13.50
Final Gravity (Plato): 2.00
ABV: 5.75%
IBU: 14

Perform a single infusion mash with a mash temperature of 153 F. Rest mash one hour, then sparge with water temperature of 170 F. In 60 minute boil, pitch 1.0 oz Fuggle hops immediately at the start of the boil, 0.5 oz hops at 30 minutes, and 0.5 oz hops, coriander, white peppercorn, green peppercorn, pink peppercorn, and black peppercorn as soon as flame is kicked off. Cool wort to primary fermentation of 68 F. (If using a heat exchanger, do not add the peppercorns at flame out. Heat the peppercorns separately with hot wort in a separate vessel to sterilize then add to already cooled wort.) Transfer beer from primary fermentation vessel to a secondary vessel. “Dry hopping” the orange and lemon zest may occur. “Dry hop” at 72 F for 5 days before packaging. When packaging, do not filter.