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Author: Kevin Smith, Owner/Brew Master, Bale Breaker Brewing Company

Bubba's Brew Rye Pale Ale
All-grain Recipe (10 gallons)

2-Row Malt: 17.0 lb
Munich 10L: 1.25 lb
Rye Malt: 1.25lb
Crystal 60: 10 oz
Carapils: 10 oz
Carafa II: 1.75 oz

Warrior 15.5 %AA (pellet): 1.0 oz @ 60m
Ales for ALS, 12.2%AA (pellet): 1.75 oz @ 15m
Ales for ALS 12.2% AA (pellet): 2.0 oz @ Knock-out
Cascade 5.6% AA (whole cone): 3 oz in Hop Back
Ales for ALS 12.2% AA (pellet): 5 oz in Dry Hop for 5 days @ 60ºF

Mash at 154ºF for 1 hour, raise to 170ºF for 10 minutes and then sparge.
Ferment at 68ºF