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Brewery in Planning

Welcome to one of the most exciting industries in the world!

Over the past few years, North American craft brewers have experienced phenomenal growth and become some of the most successful brewers in the world. The number of craft breweries in the United States is growing exponentially and market dynamics are dramatically changing. While this growth is exciting for everyone in the industry, it does create some logistical challenges.

As a new brewer, we know you face a lot of decisions. From equipment to ingredients, brewing schedules and more, the task of establishing a new brewery can be daunting. At Hopunion, we want to help you navigate the world of hops with ease.

We hope this page gives you a great starting point, however, we know we can never include enough information to meet everyone's needs. Our staff is dedicated to promoting the success of each our customers, including new and potential breweries, so if you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to reach out and contact us at any time.

We want to welcome you to the industry and congratulate you on your new venture. These are exciting times and we look forward to working with you!